Gin is male main character in Hotarubi no Mori e Movie, alongside with Hotaru. He is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama

Gin & hotaru chibi

Gin with Hotaru


Gin's parents abandoned him in the forest when he was just born. He was wailing in the forest, attracting the attention of the Yokais that lived there. When the forest lord (Yamagami) place a mask on baby Gin, he would stop crying. Seeing that Gin was a harmless soul, the Mountain God decided to save his life by casting a spell on Gin that would maintain his body and that he would age a quarter slower than a normal human would. However the spell comes with a cost- whenever Gin comes into physical contact with humans, the spell would obliterate, causing his body to disappear.


Meeting with HotaruEdit

Hotaru was lost in the forest during summer when visiting her Uncle's home. Alone and frightened, she wailed loudly in the forest, attracting Gin's attention. Gin and Hotaru soon became friends and Gin led Hotaru out of the forest, where her Uncle was looking for her.

Waiting for SummerEdit

Hotaru could only meet Gin during the Summer, when she moved into her Uncle's house. During the other seasons, Hotaru has to move back to her original home, away from the forest. Gin would wait for the promised summer as would Hotaru, as it was the only time the two could be together. Hotaru always comes back to the forest to visit Gin without fail. Hotaru has always been looking forward to Summer, so as Gin, as their bonds grew closer with each passing Summer.

A Precious HugEdit

While Gin and Hotaru were taking a walk, a human boy who sneaked into the Yokai Festival almost fell when Gin supported him and prevented his fall. As Gin did not know that the boy was human, the magic which holds his body obliterated, causing his body to start disintergrating due to the curse by the Mountain God. During his last moments, he hugged Hotaru tightly, both smiling from happiness. When Gin's body disappeared, Hotaru was left hugging his yukata that Gin was wearing as she falls to the ground. Hotaru wept and the Yokais that protected Gin thanked her because she fulfilled his wish, which was to touch a human. Hotaru keeps Gin's mask which serves as a reminder of Gin's existence...


Gin is completely pure heart half person, Ghost, spirit .there even lie for there personality to hotaru . There most unique ability is there age not begin like other human or other. Gin belong from the half person community after all there can communication with human as well Ghost

By Sarika soni

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